Bring Liu Xia to Van Gogh

Global calling for joining in the art campaign #WhoIsLiuxia

Let's support Liu Xia, a poet and artist and the long-time house arrested widow of Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese dissident who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and died under police guard in July13, 2017.

WHO IS LIUXIA is a body of paintings of Chinese artist Badiucao. it recreates a group of masterpiece female portraits into a new look with shaved head and a pair of glasses, just like Liu Xia. Badiucao wants to raise the awareness on the desperate situation of Liu Xia globally via the popularity of these masterpieces and also bring those historic works a modern meaning. 

Photo of Liu Xia and Liu Xiaobo

It is also an attempt to challenge the censorship system of China. Liu Xia has been a taboo on Chinese internet for years. However, once Liu Xia’s image is deeply associated with those popular masterpieces, it will inevitably create a dilemma for the censorship system. Just like when Winnie the Pooh got censored in China and it eventually helped more people to learn the satire behind the little yellow bear. In this case, the possible ban on Mona Lisa will only make people wonder more about the reason behind.

Badiucao believes that the idea of human rights is a universal value for everyone without border and your support for this art campaign will help to free Liu Xia and bring more awareness on the human rights record in China.


How to join the campagin

STEP 1 :   Download all the works from the link



STEP 2:   Print the works and take them to your local museums or galleries for a selfie.

                If you live or visit where the original works exhibited, go there!

                You can also make them into postcard, scarf, T-shirt or any printing to circulate the images!


STEP 3:   Share the photos or videos on your social media with hashtag #WhoIsLiuxia.


STEP 4:   Let more people know about this campaign and pass the torch.


list of the original masterpiece and locations

  • 《Mona Lisa》 Leonardo da Vinci ,  The Louvre, Paris, France

  • 《The girl with the pearl earring》 Jan Vermeer , The Mauritshuis, The Hague, Netherlands

  • 《Birthday》Marc Chagall, MoMA,  New York , America

  • 《Self-portrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird》Frida Kahlo, Harry Ransom Centre, University of Texas at Austin, Austin

  • 《Takashima Ohisa》Kitagawa Utamaro, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, America

  • 《Court Ladies Wearing Flowered Headdresses》Zhou Fang, Liaoning Provincial Museum, Liaoning, China

  • 《Jeanne Hébuterne (au foulard)》Amedeo Modigliani ,Unknow collection