Hi @twitter,I want a hasflag Emoji for #Tiananmen31


A month ago,4/2019, I proposed to Twitter for creating a #hasflag emoji for 30th Tiananmen Massacre. I provide 3 free designs for Twitter according to its Hasflag design requirement. Here is what i wrote to the company.

“Hi this is Badiucao.  I am writing this email for asking your help for creating a ‘Tianananmen’ Hashflag with Twitter.

The Tiananmen Movement is one of the most significant inspiration for me.The 30th anniversary is approaching this year. I am writing this email for reaching your help about a new project that i want to develop with Twitter ——  Tiananmen / Tankman hasflag and Emoji.

For every anniversary, there is a huge discussion around the topic. And this year will be even larger for the big year of 30th. Twitter plays such an important role in providing Chinese people to have a free-speech sanctuary above the China's Great Fire Wall. I believe It will be extremely meaningful for Twitter users for have a special hasflag following with the #Tiananmen hasflag. It might just give a lot people hope in this depressing age and united them under the same topic and memory of history.

My big dream is eventually developing the those images into emojis. So all these very important memory will be alive and expressed in young generations language.

And i think to make them into Hasflag with Twitter will be a solid beginning for it!


I learn that all the image for the Hasflag need to be set for 72 x 72 pixel .And here are some designs i have done for this proposal. I use the 3 of most iconic images which are the Tankman,a tank and freedom goddess stature created by the students on the square."


However, after a very long wait,I was refused by Twitter. The company replied “Emoji is limited resource”. Here is Twitter's full reply:

"Hello Badiucao, 


Apologies for the delayed response. I want to thank you so much for reaching out and your offer to collaborate with Twitter. We deeply value all voices on Twitter, including those of activists, NGOs, artists, from everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, emojis are limited resources at Twitter. Each year, there's a limited number of emojis allocated to the public policy team. After much consideration, we are unable to collaborate with you to create one for the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen. However, we expect to see lively conversations surrounding Tiananmen on Twitter and are glad that Twitter is able to provide a platform for this important public conversation. "

It is a quite disappointing answer. Hence, I want to start this art campaign to keep pushing this project for next year's anniversary for Tiananmen Massacre, The 31th. I encourage everyone who wants to defend free speech and human rigthts to join me!And this time let make #Tianamen31 Hasflag Emoji happen on Twitter!



1. Find a paper to write down #Tiananmen31

    Draw a little tankman/tankwoman as you own design for the Hasflag emoji.

    If you are too lazy to draw or write,please download and print out my design via this link.


2. Take a selfie with your masterpiece or my masterpiece if you are too lazy to share your talent.

3. Post a tweet with your selfie to @twitter company

    “嗨推特,我要 #天安门31 表情!   

     Hi @twitter,I want a Hasflag Emoji for #Tiananmen31

     cc @badiucao"

4. DM @badiucao or cc @badiucao your tweet, i will collect your great work and present them to Twitter.