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2017   CNN                                     Badiucao: A Chinese political cartoonist reinvents himself in Austral



2017  The Diplomat                        Badiucao: Challenging China With Political Cartoons



2017   BBC                                     Liu Xiaobo: The Chinese dissident memorialised in social art



2017  The Australian                      Badiucao brings the art of protest to the Chinese world



2017   SCMP                                  Liu Xiaobo artwork hits world streets in latest form of protest


2017   New York Times                   Chinese Citizens Evade Internet Censors to Remember Liu Xiaobo


2017   IDEAL                                   Las viñetas de protesta que triunfan alrededor del mundo



2016  Quartz                                   A Chinese dissident cartoonist’s guide to Xi Jinping’s “winning” year in 2016



2016     RN Drive - ABC Radio National        Political cartoonist Badiucao challenges China's Great Firewall



2016     PRI The World                              A Chinese cartoonist skewers the Communist rulers from afar



2016     The Los Angeles Review of Books   Watching Big Brother: A Q&A with Chinese Political Cartoonist Badiucao



2014     Global Voice                                  Political Cartoon – Tombs in Beijing Tiananmen Square



2013     Caratteri Cinesi                              Ten Questions for Cartoonist Badiucao (巴丢草)



2013     China-File                                      Storie incredibili – le vignette di Badiucao

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