Day37 Wuhan Diary 武汉日记

2020.2.28 Day 37 of the Wuhan City Closure 中文日记最下

The weather has changed again. We had rain the last two nights. There was a strong wind too and I didn’t sleep very well.

According to official reports in recent days, there are still three to four hundred new cases or coronavirus in Wuhan each day. Many of us are very puzzled. It has been more than ten days since we closed our communities off from one another. Why are there so many new cases each day? Where did these new cases come from? Some people say they comes from nursing homes and prisons. If so, does it mean that our confinement to our homes may be lifted? I don’t know, I don’t know what to believe, but I am still afraid and doubtful. The city closure has lasted nearly 40 days. Living with anxiety and panic so long is too much for us ordinary people.

Two days ago a friend who lives near a nursing home told me that that day many ambulances came to pick up over a hundred elderly people. It was terrifying just to hear her describe that scene. The spread of the virus in a nursing home is just like a house visit by the Angel of Death.

I love my friend dearly. If her nerves had not be so dulled, personally witnessing such a scene would leave an indelible mark in her heart.

Yes, and there are the prisons too. How could it have been that that Ms. Huang who was released from prison on February 22nd just happened to be infected? Just thinking of the probabilities involved, I don’t dare think what could be going on in the prison. And how was she able to leave Wuhan on February 22?

Last night I saw interviews with several homeless people in Nanfengchuang. They were

forced to stay in Wuhan because the city had closed. They found shelter in some underground passageways. The report reads:

After 2 PM on February 24th, over ten people came to the passageway. They connected a water pipe and washed the entire floor. After nearly an hour, the flushing people left and Gao Qiang returned to “rescue” his luggage. His luggage was all wet, including sheets on the floor, quilts, and a “cotton coat he had gotten from the Red Cross” two days ago. He didn’t want to part with the cotton coat so he put it on an iron rod at the entrance way to dry off. Seven people lived in the passageway. They were all stranded in Wuhan and couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel. When flushing started, they saw the that the clothing they used as a bedspread starting to get wet, but didn’t want to make a complaint because the people who came wore city regulatory enforcement and inspection uniforms. “

I want to say something, but couldn’t find the words. I just want to ask why, why can “humans” treat members of their own species in such a cruel and insensitive way. All I can do is to record this truthfully. When he read what I have written again in five or ten years, I will still being to feel the powerlessness I feel at this moment I will see it five or ten years later. I hope feeling of powerlessness will help keep me from being assimilated into that numbness.

During the period Wuhan has been closed, released prisoners have been allowed to leave Wuhan. All migrant workers can do is wander around Wuhan far from home. You could say that there this is the modern-day version of that old saying “The roads leading to the mansions of the unimaginably wealthy are paved with the dead, frozen bones of the poor. ”

I watched a video on Phoenix Satellite TV of an interview with a truck driver. Driver Xu said that he has been living in his car since January 31 transporting goods into Hubei. Fearing infection, he return to his home area but did not go home. His quilt and necessities were all in his truck. The highway rest area had no food so every day he only ate snacks to fill his stomach each day.

He said that if I left and went home he would have to go into quarantine so he decided it would be better to just keep on driving his route.

When I see the stories of these ordinary people tears come to my eyes. I am really, really thankful to them. I hope that every and every one of these ordinary people will be remembered. They are China’s very attractive side. They are what makes China great, not the state and not the Party.

One piece of news that made me especially happy today; Sun Yang was suspended from international competition in swimming for 8 years.

He’s an outright CHEATER, and I’m glad to see what he got. It’s a pity that I can only mention my happy mood to my diary. I definitely dare share it with my circle of friends or my WeChat group.

After all, I saw in many WeChat groups today that statements like “this is political persecution and has nothing to do with stimulants”, “foreigners are jealous of his talent”, and “people just want to block his career and will stop at nothing to do it”.

Seeing the video of Li Zehua being taken away, the word “idealism” in the commentary pierced my heart. The well-honed egoistical excuses children make nowadays are surprisingly well thought out. Having read much of it, I have become a bit numb. Unexpectedly hearing the words “idealistic” from such a young and handsome boy actually astonished me much to my surprise.

Sorry, I shouldn’t be biased against good-looking boys.

Li Zehua, a graduate of a prestigious university, once worked for CCTV. I believe he has better resources than most people his age and can make “smarter” choices than most of his peers. I also believe that he understands better than most people that what he is doing is “digging his own grave”, yet he still “stupidly” chose that path. I admire his bravery. I couldn’t do that.

The last message he left was very well-spoken. Yet despite his fluency, I could still clearly detect notes of fear. But we should be free people and free from fear. I really would like to share that video with friends inside China’s Internet Firewall. His words are the most vivid explication of our times. But I dare not do so.

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