Day32 Wuhan Diary 武汉日记

2020.2.23 The 32nd Day of the Wuhan City Closure 日记原文最下

From yesterday evening to today all the WeChat and microblogs were blocked because

of the online video of the “cussing out Wuhan” video by “Wuhan Sister-in-law”. I’ve seen it many times – it comes down to one thing – blowing off steam. As a genuine Wuhaner, I first of all want to explain to this Wuhan sister-in-law that in the Wuhan dialect that doesn’t really count as “cursing everyone and everything”. If we were make a scale of Wuhan people cussing on a scale of one to ten, her words would register a five at most. Her words were clear, logical, well-organized, well-backed up by the facts and except for two words she didn’t even use any dirty words. Its very well done.

The community isn’t getting much done. At this stage, the laziness of the administration is the worst problem. People in our community have already ridiculed them many times. More words aren’t going to make any difference. Let me tell you about some things that went too far yesterday. In my friend’s community the main gate of all the buildings are locked shut. When building residents buy things, the only thing they can do is to drop a rope down to the ground below and haul their purchases up.

“But what if they don’t have any rope?” I asked.

My friend said, “Everybody in our community is making ropes at home by twisting threads together. ”

??? Making rope at home? Are they going to make people hang themselves? These days people are drinking heavily. If some accident occurs, how will people in the buildings get out? I asked my friend whether he could complain to the Mayor’s Hotline! To the City Mailbox! What a stupid, bad and idiotic government we have.

My friend said, “I’ve already complained. Nobody pays any attention. ”

I feel faint. I’m just absolutely speechless. Before our community was closed, I reviewed in my mind all the possible ways that they could close off our community. Locking the gate was the worst possibility I imagined. But that’s exactly what they did.

Another friend’s husband is an especially warm-hearted and kind person. He once drove his own car in the rain to take a handicapped person whom he had just met to another city. This time using his personal connections, he helped people in his community do a group purchase of alcohol, disinfectant, face masks and other supplies and then was “entrusted” by the community with procuring supplies for the community. Everyday he kept extremely busy going out, keeping statistical records, making receipts, picking up orders, preparing shipments. He even had to procure protective materials on his own. According to what my friend said, the workers in the community after “being entrusted” with group purchases, once they went out the door they left, they totally neglected their responsibilities. They used their entry/exit permit to enter the supermarket just to buy things for their own families.

Two days ago I saw a map of the “Wuhan City New Type Coronavirus Pneumonia Distribution of Confirmed Cases in Each District” according to which, as of February 21, the Wuchang District had the most at 7769. Essential context for this information is that the epidemic broke out in the Wuchang District and it was the earliest district to be closed. So there certainly is a reason why, one month later, it remains the most seriously affected administrative district.

Ah, 2020 is the devil’s own year!

These past two days the package our community’s group purchasing scheme buys has changed. When I looked closely, I see that feminine napkins have been added. However, the Zhongbai Supermarket (yes, that’s right, the very same supermarket cussed out in “Wuhan sister-in-law’s video) is ridiculous: they sell toilet paper and feminine napkins in a bundle. When I look at records of conversations in other WeChat groups, I see that some grandpas and grandmas were so upset that they had to buy feminine napkins when they bought toilet paper that they complained to the Mayor’s Hotline. I couldn’t help laughing. Nine chances out of ten that they made a group purchase from the Zhongbai Supermarket! … This too, in an indirect way, proves that calling the Mayor’s Hotline is useless.

I heard it rumored that Zhongbai Supermarket and Wuhan are discussing Zhongbai opening a chain of supermarkets in the Wuhan area and that assisting them in this is a high priority of the current government and so the government is making many purchases from it at higher than market prices. If this is true, then the prices of the group purchase food bought from Zhongbai Supermarket really are not at all cheap and are in fact considerably higher than normal. I would like to ask, if these people really are making fortunes corruptly. Are they really not afraid of payback for their corrupt behavior?

In our community WeChat group, I have seen volunteers who help others buy medicines who mention that they need to show their original ID if they are buying medicine for bringing down a fever, cold medicine or cough medicine and provide their telephone number and address in case a home visit will be necessary. Good thinking. The city has been closed for a month and they finally think of that.

Every day I read the closed city diary of Wuhan writer Fang Fang. Among the writers

📷Wuhan writer Fang Fang. Photo via RFI

she is counted among those who are more honest and willing to speak out, even to the point that her microblog account was closed down. I’ve always like her novels. Fang Fang is the author of what has become a well known saying, “A particle of ash, the fallout of the age, when settling on one individual’s head is heavy as a mountain. ”

Today’s diary entry records the many recent controversies surrounding Chinese Traditional Medicine. She mentions that a physician friend told her that “In many hospitals all the wards are managed by physicians trained in Chinese traditional medicine. ” I have been hearing all along that Chinese traditional medicine has strongly present in this new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic but I hadn’t realized that things had gotten out of control to this extent.

Yes, to be perfectly clear, I oppose Traditional Chinese Medicine. I don’t have any personal experience of its effectiveness. I can only base my conclusions on longtime observation and reports.

First of all, all the reports mentioning Traditional Chinese Medicine and pharmaceuticals discuss cases where Chinese traditional and Western medicine are combined. I asked a friend who had been cured at the big prefabricated hospital. He said that he was given Chinese traditional pharmaceutical #1 and #2 but did not stop taking Western medicine. As someone who is not trained in medicine, I do not understand if credit for the cure should be ascribed to Chinese traditional medicine or to Western medicine. How could anyone ever know? I believe that it is very irresponsible to make a big clamor about the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine when there is no proof of its efficacy.

Next, something happened that made a big impression on me. A story about a traditional Chinese physician at a hotel that had been requisitioned to isolate pneumonia patients became very popular on the microblogs. This traditional Chinese physicians stopped giving Western medicine to the patients in isolation and only gave them Chinese traditional medicines. As a result, shortly thereafter the body temperatures of patients whose fevers had already gone down went up again. One women patient, disturbed by this, checked into the “traditional Chinese physician” and found that he had no medical qualifications whatsoever. What I would like to know, is who gave tacit approval for so-called Chinese traditional physicians to experiment on patients? Is this just a simple case of negligence on the part of the management of the grassroots community.

Third, and this is the most important part, what is the pharmacology of these so-called traditional Chinese medicines? In the case of Western medicine, we can get a fairly clear idea of its efficacy and side-effects. But preparations of Traditional Chinese Medicine? Is it philosophy? Is it mysticism?

I am afraid it is a field which depends upon keeping the people in ignorance.

To sum up, it looks like Chinese Traditional Medicine will come out of this epidemic as the big winner. That is an undisputable fact.

📷Dr, Xia Sisi

At dawn today, Dr. Xia Sisi of Wuhan Union Hospital’s Digestion Department died in the line of duty. Dr. Xia Sisi was only 29 years old. She was the only daughter in her family and had a two year old baby at home. Her father, mother and husband are all medical workers.

Spring, warm and beautiful, has now come to Wuhan. How very said that those people who have left us will never see it again.

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2月23日 武汉封城第32天


























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