Day19 Wuhan Diary 武汉日记

2020.2.10 The 10th day of Wuhan Quarantine 中文原文在后

I got up early today to watch the Oscar Academy Awards. Congratulations to Director Feng Junhao for winning 4 awards. Although Director Feng Junhao is not my favorite Korean director, and I think it is a bit overrated for Parasite to achieve such a good result, as a fan I am still very happy for him.

I only watched Parasite and Joker among this year's Oscar hit movies, because these two will definitely not be released in mainland China, and even if they can be released, they can't escape the sniper's sniper. I simply looked for the Internet resources to download and watched it. Found Blu-ray discs of them. Others like Jojo Rabbit, Marriage Story, and Little Women have already been scheduled for release in February, and it is said that they will also be releasing 1917 as scheduled ... As a fan who is totally not interested in the Chinese New Year's New Year movies, I have been looking forward to it since early January and now my frustration is really beyond description. Even before the city was closed, I still had a naive wish, hoping that it would not affect the film release in February. It is certainly impossible now.

Fortunately, I saw the official news from several distribution companies. After the epidemic, these movies will still be released in theaters, which is somewhat comforting. Can a movie be considered a movie without watching it on the big screen?

I got another frustrating news this morning. The five stops of the "French Musical Drama Concert" originally scheduled to tour in mainland China in April were cancelled. Although I had a hunch that the April performance would also be affected, I still had hope. I held the ticket for the Nanjing Station that I had already bought, and I cried, and now I have to refund it.

From "Aida" on January 19th to now, all the theater performances in Wuhan have been cancelled. The most regrettable is the mainland tour of the Broadway musical "The Lion King". Originally, only Wuhan and Beijing were scheduled to perform. Wuhan Station would perform from February 19th to early April. Obviously, it can't be performed now. I have been looking forward to it since last year. On the first day of ticketing, I grabbed the animal corridor spot of the premiere venue. Fortunately, They are only postponing the schedule, not completely canceling, so there is still hope.

My current psychological expectations have been adjusted to June. I have already bought tickets for the original Xi'an drama "Yevgeny Onegin". I have been looking forward to this year since last year, and I hope it won’t be canceled.

I suddenly feel that I am very emotional and ignorant. After all, this sudden epidemic has claimed so many lives. Many people around me are experiencing despair and struggle. The lives of countless people have changed, but I am still worried about several movies and performances. It seems a bit selfish.

In yesterday’s diary I wrote that recently some institutions of higher education had been requisitioned to quarantine coronavirus pneumonia patients. After thinking this over for an evening, I realize that I was being a bit too “cute”. Yesterday I wrote that “Putting away and storing student property properly is a problem” because I feared that students would lose some of their belongings.

What I hadn’t considered was that some schools couldn’t care less about student property. Several friends teach at some of the schools now being requisitioned. After asking them about it, I found that there are enormous differences in the way different schools are handling this. Some schools seal the students belongings in the rooms. Other schools load up several bedrooms with all the student belongings. Still other schools have announced that they will change out all the furniture in student rooms before classes resume.

My friends feel aggrieved as well. “This is a political task” they were told. The school notified all their teachers then in Wuhan to go to the school. The teachers were allowed them very little time to get thing ready considering the large number of dormitory rooms that needed to be packed up. Schools that handled things crudely can very easily made a big mess of things. One friend told me that some teachers, when cleaning out the girls’ dormitory rooms, just threw the girls’ collections of photos of movie stars and celebrities into the trash. My friend said “Others cleaned out a girl’s bedroom using five bags. It took me ten!” Oh, children, if you have a teacher who understands students so well, you certainly should study hard for them!

You see, whether the results are good or bad depend on the ideas of individuals of what good and evil are. The whole system is failing. It always works like that.

Just consider the way the dormitory rooms were packed up. I can’t but help thinking of that Wuhan University of Science and Technology professor and graduate student advisor Wang Pan abused and hounded a student to death. I also thought of those teachers at Mainland China’s institutions of higher learning who had been exposed these past two years by the Me Too movement. The conduct of those “model teachers” was completely unacceptable. The way schools protected them and pretended to know nothing displayed a contemptuous and bullying attitude towards their students disillusioned many. The bureaucratic, cruel, vulgarity and lack of empathy seen in these institutions from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside demonstrates that modern culture has vanished from modern institutions of higher learning. That is what the nature of the “university” of today with the supposed mission of teaching and building character. All that was on display in the way that the packing up of the requisitioned dormitory rooms was handled. That is just the tip of the iceberg. The same inner logic is the same everywhere.

Finally, let me mention something very interesting that happened. Yesterday evening a student asked angrily on the neighborhood WeChat group: “Don’t students have any human rights?!” Startled, I was at a loss for words. I didn’t know what to say – that is not to say that students don’t have human rights but those two words “human rights” are a sensitive phrase around here. We can just count our blessings that our neighborhood WeChat group wasn’t immediately shut down!

Before student dormitories were expropriated, the most anxious local group of people were “corporate slaves” - worrying about time to go back to work, about work itself, about salaries and about if the company would dissolve before the outbreak is over. Now, students have joined this anxious group of people.

If the outbreak is not controlled soon, more and more people will get affected.

I read some news this afternoon, saying that ZTO Express, YTO Express, STO Express, Yunda Express, Best Express and Deppon Logistics are getting back in business today. In addition to China Post, SF Express, JD Logistics and Suning Logistics which remained in business throughout, theoretically, the shipping services should recover completely from the interruption due to the Chinese New Year holidays and the coronavirus outbreak.

But it is unknown if this “recovery” will include Hubei Province. On Taobao (the biggest online shopping platform in China), It is to my surprise to discover that Hubei is receiving the same treatment as Xinjiang. Currently in Wuhan, although SF Express can deliver goods, it only ships personal packages of medical equipment under 3 kg to Hubei Province. Furthermore, ground shipping is halted and only air shipping is allowed with more restrictions on the packages. Last week, a friend outside of Hubei wanted to send a thermometer to me. After consulting with SF Express, he discovered that mercury thermometer could not be air-shipped because there was liquid and electronic thermometer could not as well because it was electronic. As a result, the thermometer could not be shipped at all. Though China Post EMS service has not been interrupted, mailmen have not been able to deliver mails due to the lockdown and have to stay outside of Hubei; thus people needed to pick up mails in the post office themselves.

The shipping service was not the only factor limiting online shopping for us in the epicenter of the outbreak. We hoped that we could buy some face masks and rubbing alcohol after Chinese New Year holidays, but ended up in disappointments frequently. The other day, a friend happily informed me about an online shop selling disinfecting effervescent tablets, and they could be shipped to Wuhan. I asked the shop and got a negative response, “all medical equipment shipped to Hubei will be compulsorily collected”. Another friend told me about how she overcame difficulties and bought 200 face masks online. However, her order was cancelled after the shipment was dispatched. The seller told her that “all of the goods were collected to deliver to places most in need in this outbreak”. My friend complained, “I am in Wuhan, is there any place worse than Wuhan?”

2月10日 武汉封城第19天


今年的奥斯卡大热影片我只看了Parasite和Joker,因为这两部肯定不会在大陆上映,就算能公映也逃不开剪刀手的狙击,索性很早就找网络资源下载看了,而且还找代购买了这两部电影的蓝光碟。其它几部Jojo Rabbit、Marriage Story、Little Women原本已经确定了2月上映的档期,1917据说也会定档公映……作为一个对国产春节贺岁档完全不感兴趣的影迷,从一月初就一直在期待着二月的到来,我现在的沮丧心情真是无法形容,甚至一直到封城前我都还怀着天真的愿望,希望不会影响2月的电影上映。现在当然是不可能的了。









看着寝室征收的消息,我莫名就想到武汉理工大学那位逼死学生的研究生导师王攀,想到近两年一系列在Me Too运动中被曝光的大陆高校教师,这些“为人师表”者的所作所为并不是最让人无法接受的,学校的包庇、装死、对学生轻视和打压的态度才最让人寒心。从上到下、由内至外的官僚、粗暴、缺乏人文素养及同理心,现代文明绝迹于现代的高等学府,这就是现在教书育人的“大学”,这次征收寝室的表现,不过是冰山一角的体现罢了,内在逻辑都是相通的。







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