Instagram:Art? No! Death threat? yes! —— 对instagram言论审查抗议信

This is an open letter to Instagram and its mother company Facebook:


I strongly object the censorship my art from Instagram and demand my art to be restored . The real thing Instagram should do is to immediately address the real problems like the death threat and online bully from trolls of China.


Yesterday, Instagram notified me that one of my art was removed from it platform for going against its guidelines. However,in the mean time, Instagram has not addressed my report on death threats against me on its platform for many times.


Instagram‘s remove of my art is an ugly violation on my free speech as an artist. My art is censored in China because of its theme on advocating for human rights and freedom. As a consequence,my family in China even got threatened by Chinese police. And for me personally I have experienced all kind of intimidation from following to death threats. Social media like Instagram and facebook are the most important speech platform for me to express my art. Instagram‘s remove of my art is a great betray on free speech.


This is the art got removed by Instagram. It uses a classic China propaganda style to depict the China‘s threat and interference on Australian society and politics. Recently,many anti-democracy rally are organized by China’s nationalists against Hong Kong‘s protest and demand for freedom and democracy. In those pro china rally,China’s nationalist shouts China‘s national anthem,calls Hong Kong demonstrators as dogs and stupid conts,stop pro Hong Kong people going home and even assaults Kristian Silva, an ABC journalist when reporting. This satire art is to express my concern on this issue.


However,Instagram removes it and states it violates its community guidance.

I demand further explain on this decision!


What makes more upset and angry is Instagram‘s failure on address the constant death threat and online bully against me from trolls of China. I have reported many times about this issue and even ask my followers on Instagram to help me to report death threat. But,it never got addressed,every time Instagram replies me that the death threat i received does not violate its rules!!!


Instagram‘s violation on my free speech is unacceptable. I hope my open letter will rise more awareness about this issue from media. This violation is not just happening to me but also to a lot of dissidents and people who dare to speak up against China‘s bully.


Instagram,I need an answer!



New development

Facebook apologizes to me and states it was a mistake.


I am not entire satisfied with it. It fails to explain how it happened and how to prevent it in the future.

here are my 3 demands:


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