A Love Letter to All Came for Lennon Wall in Melb


My Dear Friends from Melbourne:

大家好,我是巴丢草。感谢大家在上周六7月20日来Hosier Lane 参加撑港连侬墙的街头艺术活动。感谢诸位再一次让我体会了香港市民和墨尔本市民的爱和行动力。周六的活动,我们得到了许许多多来自于墨尔本香港社群的志愿者帮助,他们的无私奉献让这一场艺术活动变得众人瞩目,五彩缤纷。

Hi,This is artist Badiucao.Thanks for everyone who comes to the Lennon Wall for Free Hong Kong in Melbourne. It is extraordinary to see your love and action in supporting HK. Really appreciate all volunteers' great effort to make this art campaign successful and rainbow like colorful.


There are always challenges,even threats on the way to fight for freedom and democracy,regardless where we are. We have experience many difficulties including people spreading fear on Facebook and Media in order to scare others away from attending this campaign. In the morning of last Saturday,my art in Hoseir Lane was troubled and reported possibly by people with pro China agenda. Even,after the campaign started,we spot suspicious people tried to take photos of our volunteers' faces on the site. However,none of the these intimidation worked, we made our lennon wall as loud and beautiful as possible. Thank you so much!

昨晚,我获得志愿者告知,连侬墙可能遭到涂鸦和拆除。就目前所了解的情况之后,我相信这并非有人蓄意为之。Hosier Lane 是墨尔本街头艺术皇冠上的珍珠,每天都吸引世界各地街头艺术家在此自由的创作,而我们的连侬墙也得因于这种自由的环境。有新的作品被创造,就会有旧的作品被覆盖。所以请大家理解,并不要为此气馁。

Last night,i got told by volunteers that the wall was covered and damaged. After i learned the details of it, I believe it was not intentionally retaliation. Hosier Lane is the pearl on the Melbourne street art crown where many artists around the world showcase works everyday. It is a free space for all and with every new creation,an old work will be covered. And our Lennon Wall also benefits from this unique freedom from the Lane. So I hope people not feel too frustrated if our wall is covered and respect other artists' work in the future.


I believe that the meaning of Lennon Wall does not only reside in a physical form. The very beauty and power are also coming from the action of creating it. And these marvelous actions by many are sending a strong message to Melbourne and the world with our determination to protect the freedom of Hong Kong. The memory of our actions are also recorded on Internet,traditional and social media. Moreover, I and volunteers from Australia-Hong Kong Link have made digital record for every single post we have on the Wall. And my next project is to collaborate with my IT friends to create a digital version of our Lennon Wall for a permanent display of it in the future.


I also want to make a promise to you all:for my next Solo art exhibition in Melbourne, I will have an entire wall from the gallery for you to create a new Lennon Wall which will be well protected and preserved until the end of the exhibition. Be Water & Be Strong 巴丢草 Badiucao 23/07/2019

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